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Recover, Rejuvenate & Relax With Our Massage Therapist Near Me

We know the frustrating feeling when you feel physically fit but your body doesn’t allow you to run any further, cycle up the last hill or finish the last rep in the gym. Overtraining and insufficient recovery periods play the biggest role in the occurrence of sports injuries, muscle stiffness and joint pain.


A professional massage is one of the most effective strategies to avoid injury. Our experienced massage therapist at Algarve Osteopathy in Tavira uses a variety of advanced massage and osteopathic techniques to treat & prevent muscolo-skeletal pain. 


The Top three benefits of our sports massage treatments in Tavira include:


1) Injury prevention

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with your training plan when you suffer from little niggles or injuries. Regular sports massages will help you to stay injury free, allowing you to train harder to achieve your goals.


2) Faster recovery

Our professional sports massage will help you to speed up your recovery time, allowing you to train sooner. It helps to remove painful lactic acid from your muscles, improves mobility and reduces muscle stiffness.


3) Pain relief

If you are a sports person training for an event, you may experience muscular pains and aches as a result of your training. If you work long hours on a computer, you might feel stiffness in your neck, upper or lower back. Our massage therapist combines soft tissue and joint manipulation with stretching, trigger point therapy, acupuncture & kinesio-taping with the aim to promote freedom of movement, improve circulation and reduce pain.


Discover the perfect way to end a long day in the office, on the beach or training for a sports event with a treatment from our professional massage therapist in Tavira.


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