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Treat shoulder and neck pain with thoracic spine mobility

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Thoracic spine is comprised of 12 vertebrae that make up the middle of the back. The thoracic spine is directly attached to the ribs through costo-vertebral joints at the back and the sternum (breastbone) at the front.

Although there is less movement in the thoracic spine in comparison to the cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) spine,

reduced mobility in this region has been linked with increased risk of shoulder and neck pain (1),(2). It has been reported that manipulative techniques to the thoracic spine and ribs are associated with improvement in shoulder pain and range of movement (3). Treating the movement restrictions in the upper thoracic spine has been also shown to be superior to treatment directly into the cervical spine (neck) in patients with neck pain (4).

As an osteopath I always assess and treat the thoracic spine in patients presenting with shoulder or neck pain. We know this is an effective approach but the challenge here is how to maintain the improved range of movement after osteopathic treatment. In the following video you will find a short exercise routine to improve (or maintain improved range of motion post treatment) thoracic range of movement to help with your neck or shoulder pain.

Algarve Osteopathy is a small independent business run by UK trained osteopath Tomas Bittner. Tomas has over 11 years of experience treating wide range of patients including international athletes, professional dancers and West End performers. Algarve Osteopathy provides osteopathic treatment, clinical Pilates and sports massage services in Tavira in East Algarve.


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