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Online Pilates Group

Although they are some positive signs of the Covid-19 pandemic slowing down in Europe, it doesn't look like face to face Pilates classes will be allowed in the next few weeks. Therefore I have created Keeping You Moving group on Facebook to continue with classes I have been giving on my main Facebook page. 

There are classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am. All classes are live but I upload them to the group after so you can access them later if you prefer. I also record short sessions to help patients with neck, back, shoulder and hip/knee issues.


I will add extra content focusing on rehabilitation for some common injuries. I would like to invite members to share their problems, injuries, imbalances etc. with me so I can create extra videos focusing on these issues or incorporate targeted exercises into the live classes. I am happy to schedule a call/video call or you can share your concerns by email at

You can read more about Pilates on my main Pilates page

Who is the group for?

Everybody is welcome to join. If you are unsure Pilates is the right exercise for you, please get in touch. 

How do I join the group?

You can request to join the Keeping You Moving Facebook group here.

I will approve your request when you buy your membership. 

Buy your membership

Please buy your membership online here. Select group sessions in the top tab and then choose either 1 month or 1 week membership. Please book for a day you would like your membership to start.


Please pay online when making the booking. 

Schedule / Classes


Full body class with focus on upper back, neck and shoulder problems.


Full body class with focus on back and shoulder mobility


Full body class with focus on lower back, hip and knee problems. 

Classes are pre-recorded and made available to you the night before.

Price / Online Pilates

35 EUR / Month (4 weeks)

20 EUR / Month (4 weeks) *

* for members who are doing face to face classes in the gym

Prices are per household rather than per person.

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